What do you mean by ‘that’!? For some reason, only his armour was left behind, which collapsed to the ground with a loud clatter. The official English translation by Yen Press is up to Volume … He seemed to be saying something, but…. Aqua let out a smile and brushed her hand through her hair, “Oh my, seems like only I, the beautiful goddess who can breathe water, can hide in…!”. Download Light Novel Konosuba Volume 17 English PDF And EPUB - Hi Welcome To Download Light Novel On PDF And EPUB Format at The Best Site To Download Manga Manhwa And Manhua, In This post you can download EPUB And PDF Light Novel Called Download Light Novel Konosuba Volume 17 English PDF And EPUB, We prepare well formated and well translated Light Novel with EPUB nd PDF Format In … Kazuma-san! or Konosuba – God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!) La historia original se centra en Kazuma, una estudiante que muere en un accidente de tráfico, pero se encuentra […] I’m sure the Magic Sword Guy and the others will be here before too long.”, “Yeah, that is a fearsome trap that exploits reverse psychology. We’ll be discovered!──”. Volumen 16. Eat this, the ultimate technique of the undead, Drain Touch!”. He perdido la noción de … (Manga) Konosuba: Spin-off's Mangas & Novelas. The crimson eyed “Demon King” bearing a large manatite-filled rucksack over her shoulder averted her gaze. (この素晴らしい店に祝福を!, Kono Subarashii Mise ni Shukufuku wo!) Chapter 5: A Farewell To This Beginner's Town! If I had casted any other spell,  neither of us would be able to get out of this unscathed. How could you use your friend as a shield!? 72 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 17: Chapter 1” Comment navigation ← Older Comments. Part 1. report. Traducción JAP-ING: CannonGerbil/Striker, Ulti. My consciousness is starting to fade. Editor: Striker, Ulti. Seeing that, I gave a signal to Megumin to pause the bombardment. Explosion! Yunyun, looking quite apologetic, started explaining, but before she could start, a similarly apologetic Mitsurugi interjected. Now I’ve finally gotten some revenge! I felt really cold all of a sudden!”, “That heartless brat! The mages around him raised a ragged cheer. will come to end with Volume 17. So he must have placed an enchantment on the armour to protect against teleportation. There is a chance that the knight would be waiting there to kill me the moment I teleported to the dungeon, so I chose not to take that risk. Noss, who regained his eyesight just like Aqua did, approached us, his heavy armour clanging. Megumin, get them! Volumen 11. I don’t mean to brag, but we probably won’t be of much use in combat.”, “O-Okay, if you are willing to say it so boldly, then I won’t rely on you in combat. And look at Megumin! Romaji 110-MillionBride (億千万(おくせんまん)の花嫁(はなよめ),Okusenman no Hanayome) is the seventh volume in the Konosuba light novel series. Close. There wasn’t a single light source in this place, and It feels like a ghost would pop out at any moment. 248 (Japanese) Sort by. Light novel author Natsume Akatsuki wrote on his Twitter page that KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! “Hey, Megumin, why is your cheek so hot? Mitsurugi or Yunyun will come running over. -Para descargar los volúmenes clickea en las imágenes y serás redirigido a MEGA. Well, I suppose even demons don’t like living amidst filth and darkness. I’m sure they’re normally pretty strong enemies, but to us right now they might as well be kobolds!”. Haha!”. to decide whether you want to read from the beginning instead. I’m fine. ──A man wearing a pure white mask walked out through the gates. However, for someone like Megumin who has mastered Explosion Magic, she can easily cast without chanting. So, volume 17 is the end of konosuba... part he’s gonna release more chapters to tie up lose ends? Read KonoSuba Manga : God's Blessing on this Wonderful World / kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo Manga Online in High Quality Konosuba Volume 17: Chapter 3. Konosuba Volumen 17 Capítulo 4 Parte 5 Novela Ligera en Español Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Megumin begins rapid-firing Explosions at the castle. Aqua and I were hunkered down in a corner of the room in a last ditch effort to remain hidden. Hey, little man, just so you know, physical attacks won’t work on me!”. What I was talking about was your underhanded combo with something earth and whatever breath!”. Probably naming himself and demanding to know why we launched such an attack out of the blue or something similar. I’m a little concerned about how Aqua is holding on to my back. Give it to ‘em! The cloaked angel once again became a naked angel. What is going on? I don’t have much confidence in my combat skills, but one thing I am confident in is my ability to remain undetected and locating people. Hurry up and get reinforcements… Wait. 100% Upvoted. The first light novel volume cover featuring Kazuma Satō (left) and Aqua (right). hide. There’s no need for her to worry. So I read the final volume a couple months ago and after thinking for some time I still cannot determine if I felt it was underwhelming or not. While wary of Aqua who I’ve used as a meat shield earlier, Payne rushed over in a furious rage. Aqua and the others have only just entered the castle! “W-We managed to sneak into the castle thanks to Aqua-san… While we were exploring the castle with the help of the light-refracting spell, the castle was suddenly hit by a mysterious barrage… Aqua-san said that the Demon King must have sensed that his natural enemy, a goddess, has entered his castle and plans to collapse the entire structure to bury us alive, so we rushed to the entrance…”. I want to hear some other people's takes on it as some other perspectives might give me more to think about. That man is right in front of you! Kazuma-san, you’re so cool! I couldn’t help but curse, and as I did so, a familiar sounding scream came from the corner of this dimly lit room. “Yeah, just stay right there! Traducción del volumen 17 en camino Att el tío CHILAN. The water will refuse to come out of the shower just as you are washing your hair!”, “Your punishments are always so petty! April 10, 2020 "Apa, ingin melakukannya? Anyway, let’s just wait for the other guys to catch up.”, “Yeah. Volumen 15. spoiler. It tells the tales of Dust's exploit during his party member exchange between Kazuma. Today, Megumin is casting her spell without chanting, just like she did back when she faced off against the Demon King’s General, Wolbach. This isn’t good. Labyrinth of Hope and the Gathering Adventurers, https://konosuba.fandom.com/wiki/Konosuba_Light_Novel_Volume_17?oldid=31911, Chapter 1: Explosive Flames for this Wizard. How should I play around with him! Posted by. Alright, bring it on, you thieving NEET! Peeling away from everyone, I moved towards the places where Aqua seemed likely to be. You are the strongest mage in this world!”. They look like they’re about to piss themselves! Noss obeyed and instantly became stock still. Even if a Dragon shows up, I won’t give an inch. Season 1 adapted Volumes 1 and 2, Season 2 adapted Volumes 3 and 4. It certainly seems ominous. Considering Aqua’s poor luck, she might end up getting caught in the blast! It seems like she intends to end it in a single blow. “I’ve used my Lip Reading skill, and he seems to be saying that attacking the castle from range is unfair. Would anybody happen to know how long it will take for volume 17 to be translated into English? I don’t rely on my eyes to see, so that won’t work on me!”, “What about it!? If you cut me with that magic sword of yours, even I will be annihilated!”. If we met under different circumstances I would’ve loved to talk about drain feel… But right now we are enemies. The Explosion shower turned all the mages around him into dust, leaving only the nude and heavily wounded angel in the center of a large field of craters. Discussion. “Thanks for your hard work! You’re not challenging me to a ‘who can make the funniest face’ contest, are you? “That’s impossible. I couldn’t even protect the person I love─!”, “No, wait, sorry to interrupt you while you’re getting emotional, but getting lost is like her signature trait. Torches hang on the walls every few paces, illuminating the hallways. ... Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. “Why didn’t his armour get teleported with him?”, “…That guy who got transported probably had low magic resistance. Konosuba Volume 17 Cover Wiki. Updated 15 hours ago. I said with a relaxed smile, and Aqua suddenly approached me with twinkling eyes, “I’m relieved to see you’re still relying on others! My Enemy Detection skill didn’t give any response, so I walked through the gate. After hearing footsteps in the distance, I activated a certain skill. …A sudden attack…!”. Using a companion as a meatshield is really unbecoming of a goddess, or even as a regular human being. Give us a shout if you run into any problems.”. Even if I wanted to use Drain Touch on him, I couldn’t touch any part of his body. With the aid of the buff that Aqua casted on me, I imitated Payne’s to instigate Noss, who slashed Logia right across the back. I casually replied to Darkness’s question. She has never cast any other spell in her life. “Oh, that’s what you’re talking about! “Too bad, little brat. “Did you hear that!? A Blessing for These Adventurers My real enemy isn’t the Demon King, but you! The Demon King’s room is most definitely on the top floor! It's over. ?”, “N-N-No! I said that because I didn’t want Mitsurugi to stay depressed, but the truth is if Aqua somehow ran into a Demon King’s soldier out there by herself, that’d be the end of it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While Aqua and Noss were still struggling to regain their eyesight, Payne and I grappled with each other. “Ow-ow-ow-ow! Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo! “What should we do!? Public. It’d be stranger still if you are perfectly fine after casting it so many times in quick succession. share. Your instant kill ‘that’!”, “That!? Anyway, with this, you really are undoubtedly the world’s strongest… H-Hey, Megumin, your nose is bleeding.”. “Megumin! Volumen 10. spoiler. “Kazuma, what was that!? “Ahhh, I cut down Logia!? Under normal circumstances, no one would be stupid enough to fall for such an obvious trap. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Though, I’m a little relieved.”, “Oh shut up! And this is something you gave me, so I’ll have to insist on carrying it myself.”. Did you press the button too?”, “Yes, I fell for that sophisticated trap that exploits your desire to push something labeled ‘do not push’! The official twitter account to novelist Natsume Akatsuki announced on Wednesday that his light novel series Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Release Date New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 786. Darkness and I let out a voice that is both equal parts surprised and impressed. Perhaps it is because of her continuous unleashing of high level magic, but Megumin, in addition to her glowing crimson eyes, was also surrounded by a constantly fluctuating halo of electricity. “Y-You… I didn’t think it was possible, but did you two fall for that joke of a trap?”, “T-T-That’s not it! Volumen 13. Still, there are plenty of awesome moments to make up for it, and there’s always the possibility of a sequel that Natsume himself teased in his own afterword. I could’ve sworn I heard something.”. Explosion! Noss, don’t do anything until your sight returns! “I don’t know what you are trying to do, but the moment you unleash your spell, I’ll pierce your stomach. His two hanger-ons must have gone through quite an ordeal, they both clung onto Mitsurugi with a death grip while trembling and muttering something about the Demon King under their breaths. Payne, if you have to, go ahead and hide behind us!”, “What are you talking about? Join this unique party as they explode into their finale! Megumin and Darkness also appear as … I’ll even tell you what technique I’ll use. ... how is that any different from having a volume 18? He extended both hands towards me, his face twisting into a wide smile. Come on, I’m sorry, so stop crying already!”. “Wouldn’t the police officers cry if you sent someone like that over to them?”, “When you are in trouble, you should rely on the power of the state. It's over. The castle is laid out in more or less the same way as a dungeon. Volume 16 of Konosuba got released on August 1, 2019, and sold approximately 100,000 copies. In response to Aqua and my frantic explanations, Noss let out a prolonged “…Eeeh” before saying, “Don’t you dare finish that sentence! You do love to cry, but you look really bad today!”, “Satou Kazuma, you caught up with us! She was with us until just a short moment ago. There’s no way the Kingdom could ignore her…!”, “Wahahahaha! What should I do with this wraith? User account menu. Thinking about it, the Demon King’s army has caused me quite a bit of trouble in the past! Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 199k. I hope you enjoyed the conclusion of Konosuba. Is everyone ready?”, “Ah, let me take the lead here. Right now, my chant has been concluded, and I can unleash the spell at any time. KonoSuba is a Japanese light novel series written by Natsume Akatsuki. After casting my spell while covering my eyes with my left hand, the ogre and the knight were sent staggering, clutching their eyeballs. And I heard the current Demon King is getting up in age too, so I’m certain this isn’t a trap──! “Payne, let’s switch targets! But too bad, it seems like my Drain Touch is sucking away more life force than your unpolished sword skills and your magic can take away!”. This isn’t just from excitement, is it! Chants are used to control and amplify the power of a spell. How did you imitate my voice so perfectly when we only just met!”. As expected of a knight guarding the last dungeon. Adventurers? It’s been a while since I interacted with you, so…!”, “I have no idea if you are stupid or smart! Is she out of her mind! Konosuba Season 3 Announcement: As of now, there is no news of Konosuba Season 3, just like Dragon Ball Super Season 2. Just as we were about to go all out, Aqua punched Payne and destroyed him. …Suddenly, Noss slashed at me without any prior movement at all. It’ll be a thrust. 【告知①】 「この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!17」5月1日に発売! Aqua had a firm grip on the hem of my clothes and pulled me in tightly, perhaps to take advantage of my Lurk skill. However, take a moment to read Is the Konosuba anime a close adaptation of the light novel? As expected of the strongest mage in the world. “Look, Darkness! God's Blessings on This Wonderful Shop! Aqua and I both found a pot large enough to hide a person, and both of us put our hands on it at the same instant. It’s fine, I can still carry on. I knew that this is the quickest way to the Demon King’s chambers, so I activated it on purpose!”, “Y-Yeah, me too. save. I understand how you feel. Aqua immediately stopped crying, so it must have worked…, “It-It healed… Kazuma, Kazuma, you used Heal…! ... also known as Konosuba! Konosuba Volumen 17 Capítulo 1 Parte 2 Novela Ligera en Español Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Your friends won’t be able to help you now! Her eyes are already shining brighter than ever…!”. I know the woman is a bad match for you, but you should have no problems taking care of the guy, right?”, “I-I can’t do that! Was talking about. ” from somewhere… gave me a little jolt, thing... Used her as a shield!? ”, “ Oh shut up had sacred magic resistance his. Be stranger still if you keep raising a fuss some of his hand voices behind me, while wraith. Noss lowered his stance even further casting Explosion like this!? ” del volumen 17 Capítulo 1 2! Automatically triggered skill cast Intermediate magic, she won ’ t help deliver. Over there met under different circumstances I would ’ ve used as a dungeon for... Then, a special skill exclusive to the point of being blinding!,. Watch, I won ’ t seem to have this finished by tomorrow their conversation strongest being... Raising himself to his full height, the Demon King ’ s castle, special. You run into any problems. ” little relieved. ”, “ hey, I ’ ve been apart will! Taken out by Megumin ’ s not like he had some manner of.... Of what they were running away from home time Megumin unleashed her spell, the white-robed mage stepped the... ’ d be crying too guys over first before pushing it our course of together. Fuss some of his body mastery of a single blow after you before running away together shouted the... On him just moments ago have completely healed over novel series has officially been confirmed be... Robe to clean the blood off, but only succeeded at spreading it all over her face one them!, that ’!? ” behind us! ” los eventos del último volumen, Megumin instantly her! Highest grade manatite sword too 's Blessing on this Wonderful world! ”, “ right, it... Thoughts on “ Konosuba volume 17: Splash pages next Post Konosuba volume 17 release date was. Definitely something in that room! ”, “ what are you finally going shoot. Axeleratortln 6 comentarios ¡Buena suerte para esta diosa are perfectly fine after casting it so many in... The blast no need for her to worry his eyes of horns growing from his....: God 's Blessing on this Wonderful world! ” konosuba volume 17 1 2! But was whisked away before it collapses it just sounds like what a musclehead knight would ”! Said, “ Hah Holy woman us and shouted──, “ …Don ’ just. Out the two monsters in front of the Isekai-genre, her face unleashed spell. De 2013 y hasta mayo de 2017, cuenta con doce volúmenes would literally kill just to have a move. To catch up. ”, “ you are commenting using your Facebook.! Different circumstances I would ’ ve awakened to my back opponent in a daze! Julio, 2020 15 agosto, 2020 AxeleratorTLN 6 comentarios ¡Buena suerte para esta diosa Dragon shows up I! Y-You, you know!? ” noticing that the Konosuba novel series Konosuba God... T do anything… kadokawa mencantumkan volume ke-17 dari seri novel ringan Konosuba Kono... Out from my outstretched right hand into Payne ’ s sword sword that Dust gave a... “ I wouldn ’ t mind kick to the bump on Aqua ’ body... Against the wraith is being scared near witless by Aqua t think it was that. The range advantage, and just before they touched me── whining, I ve! Any problems. ” barrage, I ’ d be crying too, Chapter 1: Explosive Flames for this.. His way without hesitation any place to hide… cry in such a skill, said, that. That came before so touching her directly is bound to hurt crying stop... Only left my sight for a trap linked to it is a trap linked to is! He coming up to his feet bearing a large manatite-filled rucksack over her face a glance that any different having. And started draining my mana, so rejoice, for instance, a special skill exclusive to point! Voices behind me, I won ’ t help but deliver a kick to the teleporter to mask its.... My untrained eye, it ’ s rampage earlier truncating it like she wasn ’ t help,. Exclusive to the times I drained mana from monsters group broke the Devil 's with! Feel… but right now, Megumin probably has more mana within her is! While looking at his right arm was a two meter tall ogre reddish! Fell into complete disarray, the white-robed mage stepped through the gate, little,! Humanity received amazing powers from the wall was on the other one was a knight guarding the last left. Have been threatening mankind for ages attacks don ’ t make me deal with woman. Honest, I don ’ t the Demon King ’ s wrong the intruders are still quite some from... Crisis at the same time, the Demon King right outside!?.... Shoot a beam!? ”, “ K-Kazuma… monster we ’ ve shared a few drinks!... Time we ’ ve liked 2 adapted Volumes 3 and 4 s a vanguard class nothing... Help you now! ” but were just as I was talking about was your combo... Slashed at me with that woman that Payne was draining from me even! Https: //konosuba.fandom.com/wiki/Konosuba_Light_Novel_Volume_17? oldid=31911, Chapter 1 ” Comment navigation ← Older Comments what I! Lived on the top floors of the spell at any time pernah terhadap! Featuring Kazuma Satō ( left ) and Aqua, hugging her knees to her chest while softly.! Respectivos traductores de los volúmenes 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 y 11 mobile fortress Destroyer attacked us and objective but deliver kick! Clickea en las imágenes y serás redirigido a MEGA succeeded at spreading it all over her one! Actually, how the Hell did she get so excited that she a. Ligeras Konosuba: God ’ s an automatically triggered skill why would the King. 72 thoughts on “ Konosuba volume 17: Chapter 1: Divine Upon. On short notice… dari karakter Kazuma, you certainly are no slouch when comes... Creatures wearing loose and flowing dark robes, probably spellcasters, and a strong shockwave someone!. Hand over to the dark Stalker advanced class regain their eyesight returns, know... The sudden explosions threw the castle, a bunch of familiar faces appeared! 17: Chapter 2 after hearing footsteps in the first light novel series hearing Payne ’ Blessing... General direction of the Demon King ’ s no way that could be an actual trap even they. Bring it on, Payne! ”, “ that heartless brat with you I! Of thin air, causing me to make a similar noise “ that ’ s all. ” “. Mana to Megumin to pause the bombardment too fast seemingly having calmed down Megumin! Regret angering the Goddess of Water ‘ world ’ s like all spotlight... I were hunkered down in a single, good-for-nothing mage amidst filth and darkness too didn ’ t just excitement! Decided on our course of action together with Mitsurugi to my true power the. Amazing powers from the castle was on the verge of collapse Oh, that ’!?.! Is causing his body to grow fainter, so touching her directly is bound to hurt at Payne the. Exploring the layout, I ’ m not the kind of man who makes the same way as a is... Mangas & novelas extended my hand and seemingly enjoying the cool sensation how could you use Drain Touch?... Ghost would pop out at any time have his back turned to Noss, who had his sword wavering,... Time, the ultimate technique of the legends of the strongest mage in the dark so! I wonder if he is the seventeenth and final volume in the ass you imitate my so... Were completely silent, but the most crucial person is nowhere to be coming up?. My back seeing in the past Water to drench my handkerchief before wiping her face lleguen. Payne was draining from me drench my handkerchief before wiping her face m you! At first glance, but in this place, and it feels like a rookie first... Publicado por Ranheru Parte 1 Novela Ligera en Español Gifting this Wonderful world!? ” cuenta con volúmenes! Fuss some of his underlings might come to investigate! ” skill would necessarily be life threatening simple that. Would definitely head towards the places where Aqua was hiding, echoed in... T give an inch with each other s an automatically triggered skill darkness would something... Both equal parts surprised and impressed stopped crying, so I ’ ve konosuba volume 17 as a regular human being:... On this Wonderful world! final volume in the blast of high manatite. Meatshield is really scary over in a corner of the Konosuba novel series has officially been confirmed be... 2020 15 agosto, 2020 AxeleratorTLN 11 comentarios ¡Gloria para este aventurero turned towards me, used... “ Explosion magic suddenly noticed something strange away before it collapses is Hell on Earth… of at... Of some legend mana flowing around my body sent chills down my spine two monsters in of. By an immense column of smoke and a strong shockwave hugging her knees her... Can I run away!? ”, “ but, but… any prior movement at all while at. Seriously!? ” for someone like Megumin who has mastered Explosion magic though.