Careers at Stimson See what we have to offer. The acquisition includes approximately 645,000 acres of high-quality timberlands in Washington and Oregon, which expand Weyerhaeuser's timber holdings in the Pacific Northwest by 33 percent to approximately 2.6 million acres. That’s more than the city received from. I also believe we are losing way more public land access per year than private. It justs a matter of time before Weyco charges for hunting access in the St. Helens tree farm. Stimson opens its timberlands for recreational activities. It would be no different than me reading about your occupation, and then telling you that based on this credible scientific article I read on Wikipedia I think you do your job poorly. Longview Preserve Hunting and Recreation in Fairfield County ��� On Aug. 25, the company closed its property to recreation activity because of high forest fire danger. I don't think he has proven anything. google_ad_type = 'text'; Well this bites! LandWatch has 203 land listings for sale in Longview, TX. Enjoy unlimited articles at one of our lowest prices ever. Under the conversions, income from company-owned timberlands qualifies for REIT tax treatment, eliminating taxes at the corporate level for these earnings. Back before advocates for the Spotted Owl and the Marbled Murrelet, and assorted tree and bunny huggers got involved in the politics of timbering, the focus of logging in Oregon was on federal land, and there was a method called "sustained yield" in practice by the USFS. I like it. With a topography that varies from deep forests to Post Oak Savannahs, East Texas offers hunters a wide variety of opportunities. No access the rest of the year. Before you reply to this thread go read this one first. google_color_url = '#000000'; Wednesday and Thursday are forecast to be mostly to partly sunny, but rain and clouds are forecast to return Thursday night and continue to dominate the weather into next weekend, according to the Weather Service. You would do well to cultivate his friendship. Roads shared with federal landowners that are designated for public use are open for recreational purposes, but federal road policies may also preclude access to protect forest resources in specific areas. All of the timber facilities are located in the United States (U.S.). The unit was comprised of second-growth, even-aged conifers. Browse our Longview, TX land for sale listings, view photos and contact an agent today! I would argue it's more than likely public land and the treehuggers pushing that agenda. WDFW has been helping private landowners who open their lands to public hunting since 1948. Maybe gleeful was too strong, you do seem to embrace it though. 1995, including, without limitation, with respect to future prospects, business strategies, benefits and impacts of the Longview Timber LLC acquisition and the disposition of Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Company (including cost savings and operational and other synergies), revenues, ... TIMBERLANDS Rhonda Hunter This infers to. Hancock Forest Management's  Cathlamet-area forests are open to walk-in access. All osulogger was trying to do was give you guys a heads up. This organization primarily operates in the Timber Tracts business / industry within the Forestry sector. You cleared it up for me, I am glad you don't want to pay to hunt. I think I said it "sounded," didn't I?. We take pride in over a century of sustainable forestry management. I hunt public land and private timber company land and will probably be impacted sometime in the future when this starts making it's way into OR. Timberland Investment Group manages over 700,000 acres of timberland across the US. Weyhauser has always let hunters go hunt on their land. Hunting land leases for whitetail deer, hog, turkey, duck, goose, boar. Jorgensen Timber LLC is a privately held company, located in Western Washington. In some instances, SPI installs gates to limit access where we have the sole ownership of the road or operate under cooperative agreements with State an��� Or how bout the ol let the Bisket fire in southern Oregon burn and then let the wood rot fire. There's a saying around Vernonia, it goes, " When the east wind blows......... goes. When the timberland tax incentive that required public access was negotiated out in Olympia 10 years ago, a guy had to know this was coming. Whether your passion is hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, cycling or just connecting with nature, we have a venue to match your interest. Yes, I am intelligent. Coastal Timberlands Company leases hunting rights on its managed land through an online leasing program. The primary focus is Washington State, but many members also recreate in neighboring Pacific Northwestern states and in distant states and countries ��� Weyco has really messed up some damn good hunting area with there permit bs. If private timber burns it's prolly cus some Gov't agency made em do it. Get information, directions, products, services, phone numbers, and reviews on Longview Timberlands in Longview, undefined Discover more Timber Tracts companies in Longview on Please subscribe to keep reading. I am simply arguing the fact that you make your forestry claims from what you read on the Internet and I live and breath it every single day. Weyerhaeuser's new trend of fees for access not so much. Rain will continue into Tuesday night, and it was expected to be heavy at times Sunday night. Hiking 10 miles in does not sound like a fun hunt especially when the nursery is bush wacking a mile down a canyon to the flats. Rains began to fall in the region Friday. Weyco during archery season always had their gates lock even on the mainline. Longview Timberlands LLC is actively marketing their properties. It's $150 for one of the farms, and $200 for the other. It was harvested in summer of 2014. I would prefer not to have my town burnt down. Campbell Global brings more than three decades of experience and leadership to sustainable timberland and natural resource investment management For updated information, call the Weyco hotline at 866-636-6531 or visit and search recreational access. That is per person. Questioning Weyerhaeuser's forestry methods is like questioning Walmart's business model.... You may not totally agree with it, personally (For whatever reason), but its hard to argue with results. And no more walk in hunting allowed, without a permit. google_color_link = '#336633'; We all interpret things differently. google_color_bg = '#f5edd0'; FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Oregon Ed Hendrix 360-442-4321 Washington Chris M. Lipton 360-442-4316 Website LONGVIEW TIMBERLANDS CLOSES LANDS TO PUBLIC ACCESS DUE TO FOREST-FIRE DANGER Longview Timberlands property lying East of I-5 in Washington and all of their timberlands in Oregon will be closed to all public ��� Longview has always been the hunters friend. REITs. And if they didn't do that, your claim of "tinderbox tight" stands that private timberland grows would look the same exact. For all counties east of the Cascade Mountains, the ban will remain in effect through midnight tonight. I have and always will be. Then think before you post. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. JR-No its OK, you have already said everything I wanted you to. Chris Gregoire issued a statewide outdoor burning ban for Western Washington counties as of 8 a.m. Saturday. Any public access on these lands now available for camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking would be lost under most development scenarios. google_language = 'en'; The ol let Yellowstone burn for 6 months. ACCESS INFORMATION . Our holdings span ten Counties, paralleling Interstate-5. What they've done is plainly criminal and serves none but the misguided and those that profit from the dichotomy. These properties were previously held by Longview Timber, LLC. If not then archery season will be tough again regardless who owns it. Weyerhaeuser Completes Acquisition of Longview Timber LLC. With the record drought ending, private timberland owners are slowly reopening their lands to at least walk-in public access. Lewis & Clark Timberlands (LCT) is once again offering an unlimited number of recreational access permits for the June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021 season. Fire danger and they would both close their lands to all access, they would open the gates on all their land mid october for rifle deer and close them back up december 16 after late muzzle. LEARN ABOUT OUR TRADITION OF GIVING. For the record, osulogger is a personal friend of mine and my post was in no way pointed in his direction. Gates are usually always closed during bow season, allowing walkin, bike in and horse in. LandWatch has 71 timberland properties for sale in Washington. No, I don't think they want it to burn but I think they gamble by not being more prophylactic about fire prevention. Longview Timberlands has warned the NWTA that they have notified law enforcement officials and citations will be issued. When the timberland tax incentive that required public access was negotiated out in Olympia 10 years ago, a guy had to know this was coming. I know that he is already well aware of the intricacies of timber management and it's effects upon game and the public. Jul 23, 2013. Longview Timberlands is located in Longview, Washington. Washington Gov. Remember that one. Portland, Oregon - March 8, 2002 - The Campbell Group, LLC, on behalf of Lincoln Timber LLC (Lincoln), and Hampton Affiliates are pleased to announce that they have signed a Letter of Intent for Lincoln to acquire approximately 93,500 acres of commercial forestland in southwest Washington from Mid-Valley Resources, Inc. (Mid-Valley), a subsidiary of Hampton Affiliates. Longview Timberlands is estimated to generate $2.3 million in annual revenues, and employs approximately 52 people at this single location. and Washington Guides. Hunting land in East Texas for lease. Our ownership includes spectacular lakes and hardwood forests in the Northeast, diverse Southern pine forests spanning from Virginia to Texas, and remote, rugged mountains and scenic rivers in the Pacific Northwest. //-->, CONTACT IFISH.NET | Ifish directory of sponsors, Bait Weyerhaeuser land will be open for some motorized access this weekend, the company announced Monday. You can cancel at any time. They will own a strip of timber about 500 yards wide and gate both sides of it. Access allowed with that permit from August 1 to December 31. You're right gkeylock. It was through no fault of loggers or sportsmen that we have lost the resource. Open space areas on PacifiCorp lands along the Lewis River near Merwin and Yale dams are also used for recreation.