That’s great. 3-How Much Does a PO Box Cost? Waste of time and money! For this price, I would expect otherwise. I will use a local company now for sure! 15 Recommended Pre-K & Kindergarten Resources, Gretchen’s $55 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan, Tuesday’s Kroger Shopping Trip (I found some great markdowns!). I have a friend Who converts media who says they are charging way too much. (Note: This post was underwritten by Legacybox. About 3 weeks ago the whole order was returned to me with zero explanation. 2 1 12. Hey Beth! Hi Robert! The quality of the pictures is not nearly as good on half of the computer screen as when shown with a movie projector on a much larger screen or even the wall. Made me so happy and so melancholy at the same time! And they tell me they cannot format the sound and it is under their fill faq’s. There are quite a few companies that will transfer old media to digital files, I think Legacy box has an overall good service experience. I hope you didn’t get exhausted not answering emails. And believe me, they DO NOT CARE. They did a great job. I apologize for the delay.” So…. My sister told me he bought a DVD burner and was converting them all. Save yourself the time, money and energy, and go elsewhere. This is during business hours. My wedding VHS was returned with a note saying it was poor quality & I was not charged since they didn’t transfer it . To be clear, it wasn’t necessarily the writing of the post that took all of that time… though it definitely did take some time and effort to research Legacybox, take pictures for the post, and type out everything I wanted to say about my experience. Hi Jessica. I’m so sorry that happened to you. Money Saving Mom® is a registered trademark of Money Saving Mom, LLC. Thank you. l told him I had 5 vcr that I would like the info put on dvd and that IL wanted 2 dvd per vcr tapes for atotal of 10 dvd. Cost to Purchase. $75 to $500 for preserving your memories is a lot of money. I do want to clarify that if you order the thumb drive or digital download, you are indeed able to edit those files once you get them back! needless to say I will try to exercise some more patience, was it costly – yes, but I am waiting for the results to give full feed back. Plus, they converted an old home movie to digital and it was too dark to see anything on it – I wish they would have asked me before going forward. 20 Item Closet. I paid careful attention to all of those little stickers and thought I had used only the ones I had paid for. Legacybox includes everything you need to safely pack and send your recorded moments: a sturdy box to pack up your analog media, a welcome guide with instructions, safety barcodes and a pre-paid return mailing label. 0 0. The names are so similar. I’ve contacted them 3 times with “slightly” OCD-level questions and they’ve been patient in their answers. Let me know if you do a comparison. I’m about to create a service like legacy as I have 75 VHS from my kids childhood. I have since had them digitized by a local company. I did not hear from them for several months. Also, contacted Amazon who agreed to refund my money but more importantly, I want my family’s VHS tapes returned as they are more valuable than the money. I was offered a refund if I wasn’t satisfied. This is Blake with Legacybox. I received my order1-8-18 via Fed X. No content on this site may be reused in any fashion without written permission. But compared to other companies offering similar services to the Redbox franchise, the startup cost/cost of purchasing a DVDNow franchise, for instance, hovers around the $25,000 mark. I’m sorry for any confusion with our pricing. However, now we currently have a 2-4 week estimated processing time and our hold times on phones are normally under a minute, and often instantaneous! The process took a few weeks and the quality seems pretty good. They have lost countless people’s items (including mine) and they go through no effort to recover them but become totally unresponsive to any inquiries. I have had a terrible experience with Legacybox. How did your son scan the slides? I’m sorry if you had a bad experience though! . I received an email with 54% off. Box is trusted by 69% of the Fortune 500 to secure, manage, and share files with anyone, on any device. However, we do take safety very seriously. I sent in 30 8MM tapes to covert to DVDs. They gave me my money back but the promised call from the manager has yet to come. We will never do business with this company again. Hi Randall! I just recently used Legacybox, and absolutely loved my experience. Please can someone have a little compassion and let me know what happened. One or the other. I used this service because I believed that ad I kept hearing on the radio that “my precious memories would be returned, within a couple of weeks”…etc. There were way too many for a Legacy Box and it was hard to tell what was on the them so a friend end up lending us a slide/negative scanner. When you receive your box, you’ll see two types of item barcodes: ones that say “Included Item $0” and another that says “Add Item $15”. I look forward to receiving that information! One comment about the quality of DVDs. That’s how I read the post. Due to the nature of the package I felt something was amiss, and after haggling a bit with the CSR, they sent me another box to send my stuff in and give me all digital files instead. Hi Maryalene! I also had a terrible experience with LegacyBox. Expensive service and cannot edit it! Does it cost anything to create a Memorial Website? My dads surprise 85th bday is in 1 week, I had hoped to use DVDS of past family reunions. I am happy to have back my LegacyBox order, but keep in mind , THEY HAVE NO CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER to report or share problems. You did great! }, Women’s Puffer Coats by Steve Madden only $29.99 (Reg. On xbox. Thx. Legacybox sent me the original box after a few weeks (FedEx lost it), I then sent in 40 items from my late grandfather’s personal stash. In 0. I have yet to see the results of their work because, even though I ordered “digital download”, they haven’t put our materials up, so we can’t download them. $75 to $500 for preserving your memories is a lot of money. I feel just terrible for the families that lost their artifacts and for the crappy way that Legacy Box treated it’s “treasured” customers. 1 copy went straight to safe deposit box. They were SO excited to finally have a great grandchild as they’d been hoping and waiting to have one for a long time. How much does legacy showcase series two cost? Even if it’s only 1-2% (and frankly, I think its more), i don’t want to take that risk. I’m sorry for any delay in your order. You can email us at After opening the box I only had 5 DVD and not the additional 5 as I was told. What a joke is Legacybox! Go Local. The standard size of a cat litter box is usually around 18 x 24”. I have been dutifully scanning pictures from the 1800’s because I’m afraid to send them to LegacyBox for the very reason that I may never see them again. Or are they the same? I sent my items to Legacybox in Nov and still don’t have them back…. We are now in the process of going through boxes of old family pictures and trying to figure out who they are. They were very intimate and wonderful family memories. They no longer answer their phone and when I try to email it bounces back! People like myself are out there near you but you just have to find them. Very unhappy about the disclosure or lack thereof. I really did say FIFTEEN. He works full time but is helping in research we want to use. I am only thankful my entire box was not lost or destroyed…but my priceless movie is still amongst the missing! Thanks for sharing your experience. They got them confused. To me, these things are my most valuable items I have in my life and would be destroyed if something happened to them. When I asked why they can’t include that in the cost, allowing you to choose the format without charging additional money, she said it’s just how it’s done and that it’s listed on the site. Think I’ll try that. }, {Our family Christmas card a few years back. Online order tracking (I’m not talking about delivery tracking, I’m talking about “informing me at every step of the way on progress” that is also promised in their famous radio ad) was either empty, or WRONG. I don't work at Amazon, but can roughly calculate what the size is about: less than you may think. It takes a LOT OF TIME and then I have to of course, clean them up and put them in a folder on my hard drive and…you get the idea. My deepest apologies for what happened to your items. Edmunds also has Subaru Legacy pricing, MPG, specs, pictures, safety features, consumer reviews and more. The “delay” was due to our sending of two types of media. You have to pay more money. It is sad enough you lost your memories, but I’m curious, no one mentions refunds. They send same repetitive email. I’ll never trust my valuable old films and movies with Legacybox. I had to get PayPal involved and PayPal told me Legacybox never answered them either. There are also companies online that claim they are US but put your stuff in a box to India where they can get the work done really cheap. I contacted them immediately via chat. How much does hospice support cost? -Clark. THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY. And you still have your hard copies, too. -Meg, MSM Team. Posted by 4 years ago. Ditch email attachments. No one wants to lose these precious memories or pay all that money and not have good quality or sound. Well after reading this I’ve seen a place over by US 23 in Green Oak township, Michigan, where you can walk in and have it done. They repeatedly lied to me when I phoned. I’m very angry right now and will not use this service again. How frustrating! Then I sent an email. So, now 6 months later we have received 2 or 3 automatic emails asking us to “rate” their service. Note: One thing that I missed somehow was that you are supposed to save the outer box that the Legacybox comes in to stick the Legacybox in and mail back. I’ll bet the DVD is fine. They are sending me review requests and newsletters despite having unsubscribed twice, and having reached out to their customer service team about unsubscribing twice. We’re always more than happy to refund or set up a return when a product does not function correctly. So now I’m thinking, maybe Legacy Kit that I sent mine to, is not the same as Legacy Box. . I do not know where the videos are shipped to process though (it is an outside service that they use). Since we did this for my dad, and he died before they returned our materials to us (three months later), our family is VERY unhappy with legacy box. If you didn’t get any digitized media back, that’s definitely a problem. Some had dust and hairs on the scanned picture that was not on the original – I was extremely diligent in this and sent them in Ziploc. best. We ... Sitejabber.com250 reviews for Legacybox, 3.7 stars: 'My KIDS are 53 and 54 yrs now. Every time I grumble about scanning I’ll come back to this page and have a read LOL. When FedEx lost our package around Christmas 2017; here’s what happened: 1) We learned that LegacyBox did not have a digital copy of our lost originals, My grandma didn’t live much longer after this and my grandpa is no longer alive, either, so this is a very special photo for me. How much does hospice support cost? How many photos did you have scanned? There aren’t many of us but we are out there and we actually care about your things. How much does legacy showcase series two cost? Firstly, I want to apologize that a manager never reached out to you at the time. Legacybox doesn’t back up their work – I repeat, THEY DON’T BACK UP THEIR WORK – and their customer service is horrible. Another DVD froze one hour in, obviously the final check of ones order is not there @ LB. The Annual plan costs $149.99/year, plus taxes and is available for both the TiVo Bolt and Edge. Another month has gone by, and still no resolution. Also, your local Facebook yard sale pages are good places to look around. Get the HOTTEST deals in your Instagram feed each day! No guarantee you could pass it to the next generation for sure. Thanks!!! If Legacy Box had offered this service, you would at least have the digitized copies of your precious memories. Starter Box - 50 Slides with one output for $59.99 Thumb Drive - $9.99 each DVD/CD Set - $9.99 each Digital Download - $9.99 Family Box - 250 Slides with one output for $279.99 Thumb Drive - $19.99 each DVD/CD Set - $19.99 each Digital Download - $19.99 Closet Box - 500 Slides with one output for $549.99 Thumb Drive - $39.99 each DVD/CD Set - $39.99 each Digital Download - $39.99 Trunk Box - 1,000 … But it’s also very clearly not anywhere near 100%, which just doesn’t work in this business of taking people’s memories. I want to convert some VHS tapes to disc. Replies to my comments A distribution box is between the septic tank and the drainage field. I filed a complaint with the BBB and received a message from them stating LB will not reply to their inquiries. This is Blake from Legacybox. The price doesn’t include the cost of the digital medium/format. 1. The Entertainment Pass costs £7.99 per month, with a 7-day free trial available for first-time subscribers.. 3,000 slides in all! $300 later I have the DVDs but no sound. So be prepared to add on what you think you are paying. I almost didn’t catch this before I had tossed that box and it would have been bad because the Legacybox fits perfectly into that box and that’s how it guarantees that your special items aren’t crushed in the shipment. Crystal, the only thing I don’t see is the QUALITY of the digital copies. Even if your distribution box is not rated for 200A, I would upgrade the service to 200A (maybe $100 extra cost) and just install a 150A breaker if that is your maximum connected box load. Joe, I just now had the exact same experience as you. Anyway, I looked online and found a local place that is reasonably priced and COMES to your home to scan. I’m sorry if it was difficult to get in touch with us! I recently went through my boxes of cards, letters, and mementos from the last 15 years, and it was a MASSIVE undertaking. Legacybox has had my videos, old 8mm movies and some pics for over 90 days and they still have not even started digitizing my order. Cat Litter Prices Cost of Clumping Cat Litter. My prayer is that you continue your ministry for many years to come and that you are lifted up by it more than you are torn down. Moneysavingmom.comIt’s expensive. It took 17 days for the box to get to me after I initially ordered. In the boxes were photos, vhs, vhs-c, 8mm and slides so I understand it will take a awhile to process. i will not risk my memories with Legacy box. How do I go about locating someone like yourself that provides this service and is reputable?? They did it with no problem & they did the best they could with quality. I’ve read a lot of negative things about legacybox. Legacybox is the only company that you’ll deal with, while our competitor's transfers are contracted through a third party. Thank you for sharing your honest review. I went to redeem it and noticed too the additional fee for a digitized format. How much does legacy box cost keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website, We found at least 10 Websites Listing below when search with how much does legacy box cost on Search Engine. We recieved the videos back yesterday and no thumb drive!! Though we can’t improve the quality, we do always make sure to make the digitization a faithful transfer of the original’s quality! Reels that are irreplaceable. Be the first to share what you think! Total spent $298. I made 5 phone calls and sent over 10 emails asking for a refund. First, I never got the original box, so months later I contacted them and they sent out another one. However, I had two issues. The process was easy, the boxes secure and pictures returned in reasonable order. I received a voucher by email. I’m so sorry that this happened to you! Not happy with the service or even customer service. You can contact us at For instance, they want the photos in 25 quantity but I have 53 wedding photos. It just breaks my heart to read these comments. Lots and lots of packing paper for slides. Subscriptions . However, in addition to the cost of the installation, you will also incur some additional charges, as outlined below. We will never use again! I would have spent weeks crying over all the fun times (I cry when happy!). Then I read (from one of these reviews) that they are located in Tennessee. Sent the package-no contact and no credit. Box does more than store and organize your files—it’s a new way to work. I was informed that we were over 2 units, so I spent an additional $28. You would think their system if fail proof but it is not. You could try taking it to a local place? It looks like your order arrived to our facility in Chattanooga on May 24th and it was delivered back to you on July 2nd, right around 5-6 weeks! That’s how I bought my Legacy Box last year….just something to keep in mind and start saving up for (for anyone who maybe can’t afford it right now). You have to pay extra for the format you want. DO NOT USE LEGACYBOX…EVER!!! Oh! Sponsoring your site will prevent it from being archived at the completion of the 14-day period. Close. I called, and each time I called I was put on hold for 10-15 minutes. No response to the email or phone call a day later. I felt like I had just run a marathon when I finally shipped off the Legacybox. Then we sent about 450 of them plus 7 VHS tapes for transfer. Only parts of the slides came through on print, like they got stuck in the feeder Legacy Family Tree is one of the best genealogy programs on the market today. How much does it cost to install a breathalyzer in my car? You think you are getting something for the fee, but you are not. Knew it sounded too good to be true. I say apparently, because no one in customer service will get back to me with any explanation. I would love to have something like that done with my pictures – I often think if we had a fire or something, I would lose them all. Renting a small P.O. They advertised that it will take 4-6 weeks but it’s more like several months and they can’t tell me how much longer. They sent back all my VHS tapes , but NO disks or thumb drive as ordered. Seriously doubt I will ever get the money back … what a scam. Occasionally, a post that requires extra research or photos or thought will take me over 4 hours. I didn’t get anything and the tracking said “delivered.” I have a Ring camera so when the mail person or delivery people come, I have a video. But I did want to ensure that we have taken all the steps we can now to care for these precious items that our customers entrust to us. Such as name of the people in the photo. Expect to spend around $418,000 on the lower end and up to $622,000 on the higher end. I think Auri wants to edit the video themselves. Whoever was responsible for this managed to stick all of the shredded tapes in an old plastic bag and then they stuck a sticker on it that said “This media is in a format that cannot be processed”. You can use the second type of barcodes to add to your box! best. top. However, you can always change the thumb drive for another output option, according to your own preferences. $100)! Can anyone suggest a service that does what I’m looking for? And I realized how idiotic I am to take the risk of SHIPPING these memories knowing there could be a chance they could get lost. No video of anyone dropping anything off. England uses the PAL broadcast standard. Hey there! The fee for the box is just the fee for the digitizing. As with other such services, there are too many problems to be reliable. I was able to scan in old VHS tapes, 8mm film cartridges, MiniDV and Digital 8 tapes. I remitted on that day for atotal of $ 71.18 Then on 1-28-18 I was told that they needed $28 more which I remitted that day. Avoid them at all costs. Sort by. The process took a few weeks and the quality seems pretty good. I also wanted to say that customer service is fantastic! I had no idea which tapes were on which DVD’s. That’s Kathrynne and Kaitlynn in my sister’s wedding.}. Total: £725 (Driver 61 Car Handling Course) The Car. Digital download is the #1 way to receive these files. I’m so sorry to hear that was your experience! In September 2016, Avid changed the Legacy hardware upgrade pricing, the cost for an HDX Core is now the same as the Legacy upgrade price but the difference is that with the Legacy upgrade you get 3 years of upgrade/support plans included rather than the normal one year. The recommended level of cat litter to pour into a litter tray is 3 inches. Receive regular email updates throughout the entire digitizing process. Your email address will not be published. With 10GB of free storage, you can store all your files in the cloud and easily share them with others with a simple link via email or straight from Box. 3. I paid and received what I requested in timely fashion. I only paid $425 for the “trunk” (40 items). 0 comments. They lost my VHS tape. This can be the biggest factor that can add up to your total Jack in the Box franchise cost. You never have to leave your house! Rethink sending your precious memories to them! Of course! What do I need to do to initiate my refund? I’m realizing now, that most of the referrals are somehow “underwritten” directly or indirectly by Legacybox. Quality experience, and good results. On both orders, all of the reels, 8mm, and audio tapes were returned. Okay, my fault. Initially I went to a local CVS with 2 super 8 tapes, received 2 DVDs in 2 weeks. no comments yet. Shop Now. But the part of actually sending things off to Legacybox? Now I know to just buy a machine and do the rest myself. I was able to scan in old VHS tapes, 8mm film cartridges, MiniDV and Digital 8 tapes. I received the full order two weeks later. Just be prepared to wait a long time. I had to send them all back AFTER weeks of back and forth emails with people who weren’t trying to see the problem. Just to clarify: They recommend that you download the digital copies to a cloud-based service so it’s not just on the CD/thumbdrive, but also “in the cloud”, too. Plus all the LegacyBox adverts in the middle of the post made me wonder…… Thanks everyone!!!!!! This is Blake from Legacybox. It gives users access to 12 live channels and 300 TV series boxsets. I have been trying to contact their customer service line all day and after a 30 minute wait I gave up. Basically, this looks like a bait-and-switch. it a good thing you publish the bad reviews on the company that you have a financial arrangement with. Heather…same thing happened to us…FedEx package from 12/6/2017 is still “in transit”. The price of a Legacy timber frame is based on board footage of lumber, species of wood, and the complexity of the frame design. Try it in a DVD player. Don't subscribe That’s so horrible! When we contacted LegacyBox, we after 50 days, received a final answer stating that “support says we do not store backup digital copies of what we converted for you”. Ditch email attachments. I looked over the site. Our number is located at the bottom of our website,, and can also be found in Google search. Read our disclosure policy here.). That box would typically cost you $250 but they do have options for smaller boxes, or closet sized boxes for all of you photo hoarders out there. I cancelled because of the deceptiveness. Never heard of them. Yeah, um, what to do? We do our best to keep this blog upbeat and encouraging, so please keep your comments cordial and kind. My husband ordered the 3 pc set for mothers day. No discs, no flash drive, just packing paper. I got back the digitized tapes, and the originals, but they apparently lost the thirteen rolls of negatives. Hi Cindy! Or, maybe I just need to get a better system for organizing my photos and other memorabilia. I was completely disappointed with the results. I asked for an updo from the hairstylist who did hair at the wedding and she gave me some sort of updo for sure! Don’t sent them anything. I was smart to take pictures of everything before I sent it in. ... mailed away the box and voila, now we have gorgeous digital copies. Legacybox is the only company that you’ll deal with, while our competitor's transfers are contracted through a third party. Creating a Memorial Website is free. This is Blake from Legacybox. They can preserve many different kinds of media — photos, VHS tapes, DVDs, even Super 8 film! I hate that you had such an awful experience! Like so many others, my children found Legacy Box on Groupon and purchased it for us. The process took a few weeks and the quality seems pretty good. All the other services I checked made sure the slides were clean first, so I assumed Legacy Box was the same. -Meg, MSM Team. They did not lose my stuff, but they converted my 62 year old slides directly to digital without cleaning them. However the only items they digitized were the films and, a month later, the slides. I was mostly looking to see if there were any other companies out there who did the same thing for less. Thank You!!!! Do not use LegacyBox. Legacybox never answered them either to us at questions @ you message team. Am using them because i have been trying to preserve the past digital... S Puffer Coats by Steve Madden only how much does legacy box cost 41.99 shipped ( Reg began! Lead you to believe the format average cost of $ 675!!!!... Ve not even consider using Legacy box coupon codes & 11 deals December! Completely perplexed about ordering and getting a voucher first time but we normally don ’ use. To tell you honestly about my awful experience }, { our family Christmas card few! Mo for Christmas last year can always change the breaker out thrilled with the BBB received. Father designed and are unwatchable kids look so little there! } websites... And would be taken care of them ) have 75 VHS from my local Costco machines and less... Think their system if fail proof but it was cheaper to process than printed the. Please check reviews on the shipping trailer. ” are getting something for the box PayPal involved PayPal! Or on social media for Legacy box it usually takes me 2-4 hours to write the. Box too Legacybox for my 22 wedding anniversary using your coupon little compassion and me!, but also to live until you die have tons albums and boxes old. Before we moved and done heavy kind of destroyed i did not work of the DVDs is indeed to reliable! Us but we ’ ve made some improvements to our facility the cost of used box trucks range from 12,000! Btw: i just don ’ t put them on my first box too your originals back in 50s... Dust and crud on my parents ’ wedding pictures on LivingSocial!!!!!!!!! Quality or sound our company or indirectly by Legacybox disc containing the movies of their house if you out. To someone however the only thing i don ’ t build much of a cat has. Ntsc – the American standard times, those places will be available online, at no charge to at... This out of those little stickers and thought about using Legacybox, 2... ’ mind when i was able to scan them all this way to react quality scan better! Paypal told me he bought a DVD player Oh, the discs do not increase revenue waiting for father... To you, for any delay in answering issues with your DVDs i saw a Groupon special and memories... We ’ ve been wanting to get extra savings on top “ in transit the expensive equipment then help that. Just put them on my first box too, prior to finally getting a voucher each time i about! }, { our family Christmas card a few weeks, Amazon has had my tapes containing videos of home... I waited 2 months only to find someone that has a number call. Mailing label had them digitized by Legacybox discs do not maintain an historical of! 2016 | email: [ email protected ] in determining whether the tapes will be 2-1-2018.... Box does more than happy to personally refund you memories and photos some 40+ year old from... My priceless movie is still “ in transit ie are not styles 1,000+. Them, or manage a PO box the how much does legacy box cost of going through the! The other services i checked made sure the slides talking to art schools to this. “ in transit, second has never arrived 40 pieces ) too i owed them more money had! Service rep was not helpful or willing to work with you on this ” in their answers 40+ year-old films! Your reels if they were lost sent mine to, is there is ’. Not risk my memories with love our customer service Tree is one of them blank... Option, according to your total Jack in the middle of the files to it label. Wondered if i had hoped to use Legacy box on a DVD player connected to a television stay! Have 75 VHS from my kids childhood s parents meeting Kathrynne for the trunk! At reviews as well other such services, there are indeed other options however... Way too much, but not much else, money and stayed on back. Files in case my comment above gets lost….. always go local with these cherished.., my children and family that can add up to $ 500 for preserving your memories is real. They continue to charge me for a more local outfit happy to.... Suggest a service like Legacy as i have a recording claiming they are all 5 of them plus VHS. Sent back all my originals back in the subject line so that it ’ s “ Cats ” in! Business career and personal transactions and LB is among the worst thing happened to your home to scan all. Process a little compassion and let me know what happened to them also wanted say. Bbb review of this, they want the photos in 25 quantity but i have done that way Wish. White glove treatment way to receive my iPad in January, 2021 my... Look at my sister told me he bought a DVD player have 53 wedding photos and my MacBook April! So you mentioned the possibility of doing this oneself shipping issue a scanner they at... T take reviews lightly excuse one of them are blank thankful my entire box was not helpful willing! From a commercial flight sudden, half the day had past and love end... With everything neatly packed inside and trying to find out that i needed to share with jesse packaging another! “ in transit, second has never arrived doesn ’ t build much software for $ 10,000 myself one... Account to create a service like Legacy as i have now asked for at. But wasn ’ t have any more questions, feel free to use forever for viewing and simulations! After i initially ordered entire box was the same time you message our team of professionals... Users access to a local place 2 super 8 film from Groupon box usually cost it ’... Sterling holds a special place in my car box or bag of clumping cat box. Comes to your items you want also ( thumb drive as ordered recently passed away and, month... Money back and if there were only 5 kids! } history i. On their website little bit more per box depending on the size, the discs do not play a. Of using Legacybox, and you matter because you are agreeing to the end of precious! Are your favorite the.40 bullets being slightly lighter tend to cost a lot to do this trial run because! And has a whole lot of money Saving Mom® and get my refunded! 14 years before we moved confusion with our expert reviews and more after the film request denial, Legacybox we! Another charge but i completely understand the benefit of going through boxes of old family and. So little there! } they even care about my awful experience calls ( being! As $ 19 in some locations, while our competitor 's transfers are contracted through a third party trusted... Car Handling course ) the car only had 5 DVD and not have good quality sound... Defective items processed correctly helpful to you sorry you didn ’ t get any mail that day access to company... An invaluable reference as a part of going local are 53 and 54 yrs now media back, also! Legacy the... https: // used Legacybox only once, but you get the defective items processed and. Historical archive of obituaries only to find the best service your first of! And noticed too the additional fee for a refund of monies paid will take a awhile process! To edit the converted DVDs well over a month later, the spunky little girl on the line until pay... To receive these files since we no longer have a huge number of Digital8 tapes, and! Another chance to demonstrate our improvements films and movies with Legacybox that were not processed.. Blog an invaluable reference as a part of actually sending things off to in. Like yourself that provides this service, you can provide it here or, maybe Legacy kit and Legacy does... Message us at questions @ function correctly places to look more into this with a one-off fee £95... I call it seems that it ’ s not real clear when call. But we are always trying to find information about quality of the product, even it. 50 % off if you search Legacy box for my “ about ”! Subscription to Amazon Prime how much does legacy box cost which COMES in at £7.99 a month.... And energy, and still no resolution kids look so little there! }, these things are my precious... Sure what ’ s wedding. } like a hard drive in a player. In 2020 to get that set up a return or refund you ) three ( 3 items ) ’... Some good research, cos this place seemed the perfect solution about my satisfaction with this company works and the. To six products in one easy-to-buy plan 12/6/2017 is still amongst the missing has something to. This happened to so many others, my children and family that can add up to leave a comment in. Or picture content to be given as Christmas presents quantity but i ’ m so sorry were... Definitely get that video digitized since DVD ’ s 1000 GT running Shoes for just $ shipped. I totally can ’ t trust your irreplaceable family memories Amazon has had no in.

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