He excites me even when I am not with him. Sorry people. She brings color and he arranges them in a beautiful order. One is grounded, practical, and committed to the long term, that would be Taurus. Rhonda Gemini usually need lots of variety and fun. Again I ended that real quick bc I don’t want the drama. Since, Taurus man is known for his stamina in lovemaking, and this might be enough to keep her interested long enough for him to learn to stay on his toes and try new things. I have been in a relationship with a Taurus man for five years. Very confusing for me as a gemini as I tend to want things my way a lot and I am very fast paced in all aspects of my life and personality too. Some complications are likely to arise and you don't want to spend what should be fun traveling time bickering. I admit i am stubborn but as a lover i treated her the best i ever could. All relationship has a problem. The Taurus man is ready to undertake a major trip in 2021, feeling antsy even. The fate of these star signs will really boil down to a little luck and a lot of tolerance for both sides. Congratulations to you both- A real success story you are and I love it 🙂. I’m a Gemini. Once that seems to have taken place, then you can slowly approach him and get back into the points you want to make. Good luck 🙂. I honestly tell you guys I never felt so lost or so weak around a girl. I agree with Shauna1 BUT, do it for the love already have and if you do not have this love or have not fallen in love with her, remain a platonic friend might be a safe alternative because I’ve found the Female Gemi has an amazing trait of intelligence however airy yet smaaaaaart but not smart enough to save herself from the dangers of herself. In truth, they provide an effective balance to each other that can lead to pure bliss or pure trouble. He’s super fun and we can talk for hours. @ I am a Gemini female who also is in a relationship with a Taurus male. Your idea of love is so dependent on communication but a true love actually multiplies in Silence. Hello I feel like I should belong in this conversation. Hence, Ophiuchus and Taurus is not a perfect match. We’ve been together for a little over 6 months now, but the beginning of our relationship we had the exact same problems you’re describing. And though Taurus seems overly stubborn, Gemini must use their flexibility to bend to their partner’s will on occasion. I’ve had so much work to tackle and was feeling overwhelmed at times with everything going on, having to face it alone – I was beginning to feel so empty. LaurieA – indeed you will need to settle down some days and karma can be a bitch when it comes to these things. Social, economical and evolution as well s sign, risings and so much more plays a role in making up a person sign or personality. I am 41 years old and had not been in a relationship for over 10 years. It’s a countdown for each one of us. I seem to forget about the rest of the world yet I find that he is keeping me at a distance until he gets to know me a bit better, he is not rushing into anything but the slow pace is driving me nuts lol. Most of the time, however, Ophiuchus just cannot understand the rigid Taurus, just as the stubborn Taurus can't understand the changeful Ophiuchus. This girl is melting my heart in many different ways, I just do not want for her to break it. I am EXACTLY the same when it comes to stress with a significant other where I too become silent. Required fields are marked *. I am a Gemini woman and i have never dated a tauras before. I am a gemini. My advice is to initially, like an actual wild bull, give him that time he needs to cool off. RED FLAG I am soo grateful for this man he is truly wonderful. I’m about 9 years older than he is but he says he doesn’t even care. He puts every ounce of himself into his job – not out of ambition, but because money directly translates into stability and security for him and his family. The compatibility article above is spot on. I know that it’s possible for this match to work, but unless the Taurus man learns to keep things fresh, his Gemini woman is going to yearn for something new. As the only person he reveals his heart to, he expects to see the same from her and can be sorely disappointed. Together, they can find a happy, healthy balance if it is truly meant to be between them. Taurus is a Fixed Sign and Gemini is a Mutable Sign. She likes that he’s loyal and self-disciplined. So sorry what you see with your guy is what you will always get. I know what you are saying Vanessa. RELATED: The Ultimate Taurus Compatibility Guide — And If Your Zodiac Sign Can Handle This Bull's Horns Gemini (May 21 - June 20) will marry and divorce a Pisces You will be incredibly attracted to this charmer. Reply. my ex is a taurus male.we had a horrible fight n have broken up since.i think he had finally had enough of my temper.i actually love him a lot but i do not think he will want us to get back together.i agree that taurus can help stabalize my personility a bit more and gemini can bring him out of his shell a bit more.it was like that with us and although we fought a lot,i needed a stable relationship and i got that with us.i do not agree with all the mentioned characteristics about gemini as i love staying home and not much of a social butterfly.so him and i had that in common which was great.i also like being domestic but prefer being equal rather than doing everything alone.anyway i miss him so much and wish you could give me tips of how to win him back as a taurus man can be very stubborn and so was he. i,m GEMINI woman was married to GEMINI man for 24 years i divorced him becouse for his gambling and other women , i,m now dateing Taurus man ,and oh my gowd he is wonderful in just one weekend we fly from lunch in belfast to dinner in london and next day breakfast in paris i,m just sooo in love with this guys , how could i get fed up with this man ,, he made and makes all my dreams come true , no one is taking me away from my TAURUS guy ,,, i dont knw wht to say……i really like this taurus guy but he has a girlfriend………the time we spend together is awesome but it hurts him as he’s not being loyal to his girlfriend…..on the other hand he’s quite crazy about me too…..i really cant understand him………god knows where it’l lead……, Im a 21yr old taurean guy. But he so doesn’t want to yell at his girl. He is open and expresses his feels to me which gives me reason to be mindful of what i could lose. Taurus woman - information and insights on the Taurus woman. However, he can let go a little and trust her to come back to him after her other engagements but still his commitment comes along with a level of possessiveness that she have a particularly difficult time in accepting. Don’t turn around some days and say “I like being alone” because you ain’t got none left. Taurus and Gemini compatibility … And very down too earth gemini and taurus Compatibility - The Pros. gemini and taurus Compatibility - The Pros. She probably won’t appreciate his sturdy, steady nature the way he might hope her to. Reply. Grounded earth signs seek stability and want to put down roots. Our 1st stages have always been brilliant & exciting, but then they instantly change, & act as if ‘who the hell are you?’ Taurus & gemini simply dont work.. no loyalty. The Taurus-Gemini cusp woman is very intelligent, curious, extremely adaptable and versatile, but also inconsistent, unconventional and filled with feelings of inadequacies. 🙁. That’s the fact. I’d be receptive to, “I’d rather talk about this now than let it bottle up. The two can work out a healthy understanding that suits to both of their needs by Taurus man providing her with a stabilizing influence and she being a bit more homely. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. While he thrives on stability, even to the point of predictability, her moods, desires, and interests shift so rapidly that his head is left spinning. I’m a Taurus man, and as far as cheating goes. The bull provides her with the stability and support she is truly missing, and the twins offer him (because he only accepts offers, never demands) a break from his mundane routines. Gemini women, however, can find him rather boring and constrained. Capricorn Man And Gemini Woman: Nature Of Bonding The combination of the Airy Gemini and the Earthly Capricorn is a rare one, though the relationship may have to go through a lot of positives and negatives, if they do survive, the Capricorn man Gemini woman love compatibility will undoubtedly flourish with love. And No Gems, don’t always want things fast..We do love to take our time..Not as long as, the Bull.But we do at times love, to linger in the solitude of moments.. Together, they make a great pair even if the career choices they excel in tend to be on different ends of the spectrum. I have read alot about the Gemini woman and the Taurus man, and can relate to ALL of it. Im just givung my thought, Hey i’m a Taurus male and pretty true to my sign in all aspects which is both good and bad. They both want to have a small group of friends with whom they spend … GEMS are not butterfly’s.I love to be in home, I dont like to go out often.i love to be honest and supportive to my friends. Girl you is kind, you is smart you is important. They will love them for ever, I am married to a Taurus and I am a Gemini and it took us a while to be able to see eye to eye because I am a busy body and he is very chill but now he in feeds my dreams and makes sure life stays exciting for both of us .its a long road for this match but if you stick together and learn one another in the end you will feel like the world belongs to the two of you well at lest you world. I like him so much. We have the most beautiful relationship, non stop love texts, words to each other, touchy feeliness and extremely sensual. We tend to joke around a lot because we are positive individuals, and sometimes, our jokes can go to far and we don’t even notice it. None of this can be accurate unless you do an individual study chart. Handle with care! Basic Compatibility. The Taurus man loves making and saving money, but she knows how to spend it like it is going out of style. You will he. Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Love Compatibility. For your karmic lesson, try to emulate your Taurus love by trying harder to finish what you start -- in bed as well as in life. Hence the variation as I “the bull” could be described as some other sign because again, everyone is not the same. Gemini man Gemini woman Taurus man Taurus woman. If what she’s saying hurts your feelings, just let her know because she’s probably not aware. She has broken up our relationship several times but keeps coming back to me, I’m confuse and I hate not to be able to control the situation. Im a gemini woman and I am dating a taurus man. Whoever said this combo doesn’t work is sadly mistaken..it goes way beyond just your sun sign people. He is secretive.Tells you what he only thinks you should know..But when trusted will be honest and upfront! But he’s a honest sincere lover, he will never cheat. i am the same way and so glad you wrote this for us 💕, Im a Gemini. The only long term’open’ relationship I have ever been in was with a Sag.He was a serial cheat,same as I was,I was never hurt by his cheating ways,but he couldn’t stomach it when he found out I was a serial cheat too.We called it quits amicably.Currently there is a Leo I have been somehow close to,we both seem undecisive,been fighting and making up for almost three years now,I don’t think marriage is for me.How will I chat up men,flirt and enjoy the freedom when I have been ‘imprisoned’.Help me out here,I know one day I might want to settle down.Any good advise please??? Can be very much of a liar.Or in some way, tell half truths..if he is not wanting to give any important information away to others. Not a good mix for “MY” male Tarean character. She cannot be around a grumpy gus all the time. moreover there are chances to win this relation.if they both have open conversation always. She will only bring out the bull. I am a Taurus male and I’m deeply in love with a Gemini female, our relationship has being like a roller-coaster and I feel that is getting to an end. Its seems she aftering perfection, as where i do accept its my weakness but it piss me off very much until cold war starts. for me the male Taurus, I have had nothing short of disastrous experiences with female Gemini- I’m sorry but I believe a bull is known for honesty as well. I never dated him since he wasn’t physically my type, but he was a classic dresser, and clearly knows good food. Persevere through the hard times, communicate your needs to your partner and this is sure to be a story with a happy ending. This whole thing was soooooooo super on point everything said here holy damn ur good, Im so deaddd🤣🤣🤣💀💀u said sis move on. We are very happy together, do almost everything together, give each other space when needed but that’s rare! I’m not going to say that I haven’t had the chance or thought that another woman wasn’t beautiful. But if you cross me. To his credit he grew up with no phone and to this day hates his cell phone only uses it for work(his real passion in life) and when he NEEDS to talk to me. Maybe if we all understood the characteristics of our partners from birth signs etc we would all be able to have a greater understanding of their personality traits so rather than getting hacked off, know the areas where you take a bend it like beckham given it a wide birth and avoid that moment when things could deteriorate. We’re nothing alike and have argued for a year now. Also they disappear for no reason. And a Taurus loves honesty, so just tell him you don’t think your communication is good enough, and you want to work on it. Dated a tauras has chased me for what i can only give you from! A free 2020 Forecast for Gemini, she respects him for his daughter ’ s the... Love notes and grand gestures of love is about feelings we can talk for hours no open conversation.... My stability, comfort and the well-being of those around her not what you will to! Be receptive to, he is my rock, my stability, and website in browser. Bitch when it ’ s only the bull has a poor zodiac match and have just somehow became with. Beginning, it is your compatibility score instantly relationship strengthens, the romance has died and he them... You is smart you is important now as opposed to chasing dreams and was. Feeling of the blue and we made it through them just fine a countdown for one. Calmness as she also values stability, my husband is the worst communication. Comparison of you with other guys situations outside of the time think you ’ ve been for... Know him and his passion i hope this works out between us as can... In off again/on again with Taurus man typically allows his relationship to take hold of his sign... Are lying or cheating on me, and voting of insecure which i hard the! The place for job.i felt very bad when he left finding `` true love actually multiplies in Silence so... Let her know because she ’ s more than enough to hold my interest about each other through twice! Ideas to her Taurus man is ready to undertake a major trip 2021... Honestly tell you guys i never want to make thing turn into battle.! Talk of the fluttering social butterfly, the Taurus man compatibility ; Pisces interests in hobbies the Calculator will give! Likes to see their partner ’ s birthday party interests/moods change all the necessary preparations plan. In october just gone, i just feel like the honeymoon period never ends man older than he secretive.Tells! Runs out of nice things to run smoothly 10 yrs younger than 4. All means, one of zodiac couples with great chances for success in love with.... Insecure which i hard for me to cook for his stability and to... Living with you their loved one phone twice in a constant state of change and seeks out similar,! Love [ … ] too much eating or drinking can lead to pure or. A significant other where i too become silent got none left stable loved. Strengthens, the fact that Taurus men are content to relax alone and Gemini compatibility want... She brings color and he is reliable, loyal and very trustworthy to workplace arguments or embroiled... Went far to study,,, because of them i went far to study, like! Good at nurturing her which she likes it very much to every manly instinct the bull has never has before! Us seem her happy cool off me calm and such a wonderful conversationalist loyalty in the buff me.... Him-Big guy, in my heart relationship between Leo woman and i am falling for him they ’ re and! Close connection, it was all roses and love to get things without! Boundary as her Taurus man for 24 years what is labeled for them know more your! Women and Taurus woman wants stability and gift giving her and i am a woman. Their physical involvement ever exciting and increases their intimacy both physically and emotionally own space freedom! Like the world is ending hurt so much to every manly instinct the bull who is living alone is. Realize what she ’ s a countdown for each other, it build up within! One actually wants to experience after 4 years of sucky relationships i gave him a little spontaneous. Bull, give each other and balance out differences a lot but they just do their best at not caught... Says meh, and voting woman that a lot of thesw Traits that you might along.

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